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A Creative challenge #photography

This month I’m doing a creative challenge set by #64MillionArtists. There is a new challenge each day throughout January. Yesterday’s challenge was to give ourselves an award. People had different ideas on the type of award they could give themselves. I decided to design a simple certificate for my award and what else would I give myself an award for, but photography!

creative challenge certificate

A Creative Challenge

It’s not bad considering I didn’t have much time. This morning I received an email with another creative challenge and today I have to draw five faces. I’m not very good at drawing so I have to think creatively. I can draw simple smiley faces; happy face, sad face, angry face,  bored face and surprised face. I just have to imagine what those faces will look like.


This challenge has inspired me, so today I would like to challenge you to take a photo with a wide aperture. Not sure what a wide aperture is? Just set your camera to the portrait setting and photograph something close up. It could be someone’s face or an everyday object such as a wine bottle or a bowl of fruit.

Wide aperture

If you have a DSLR or a bridge camera and you know how to alter settings, then set the camera on A (aperture priority) on the settings dial. Then set the ISO on 800, making the sensor more sensitive to light. The thumbwheel is used to set the aperture, so set it wide open; that is the lowest number it will go (probably f/3.5). Pop up the flash and take off the lens hood so it doesn’t get in the way of the flash. Now you’re ready to take your photo! Choose a subject with some writing on it such as a wine bottle or a bag of sugar. The writing will help you see if your photo is sharp. If you can easily read the writing when you look at the photo then you know you have reduced blur to a minimum. Now take a few shots. If you’re using a kit lens it probably goes from 18mm to 55mm. Take a shot at 18mm and then half way at 36mm and then zoom in close and take the third shot. You can now compare each shot to see which shot makes your subject sharp. Notice that the background is less sharp and blurred. The last shot you took zoomed in, probably has a very blurred background. That blur is usually referred to as Bokeh (Japanese for blur).  The wide aperture gives you a shallow depth of field and gets your subject in sharp focus while objects nearer or farther away tend to be blurred.

I hope you’ll try today’s creative challenge and take the three shots and see if you learn something from it. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to new posts. Links can also be found on my Facebook page.

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