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Creative thinking about life #creative

Usually, on a Thursday, I write a post about being thrifty and saving money but it is quite easy these days to shop around and get the best price by using the internet. There is lots of advice on the net about saving money, too. When I started this blog I decided to make it more like a magazine than a blog about my life and the things I do. I have decided to make it more like a blog now and write more from experience. I employ a lot of creative thinking in my life so that will make a better subject for my blog.

creative thinking about money


Money or lack of it tends to be an important part of our lives. We need it to live but we also need it for the little luxuries that make life interesting. Our emotions can drive us to spend money unwisely. Everyone likes new clothes but many people need the pleasure of buying new clothes all the time and buy so many that they don’t have space to store them. Then there are the status symbols. I don’t really have any status symbols except perhaps for my camera. I have become aware of image, however. I do give a little more thought to what I wear. Someone said that I looked like an artist last year and I think being creative does influence your choice of clothing. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothing, however.

Being Creative

Creative thinking means having a mind that is unconstrained by convention. As part of being creative I’m doing the #64millionartists January challenge and it is day 4. Day 1 was easy, I had to give myself an award so I designed a certificate. Day 2 was harder, I had to draw five faces. Yesterday was easy, I had to write the book cover blurb for a story. I’m a writer, I did that one easily. Today, I have to build a castle. Not so easy! I have to be very creative and I am already getting ideas how I can build and photograph a castle.

Unconstrained by convention

I usually wear a parka when I go out, its casual and it keeps me warm. If I wanted a proper overcoat, I would probably buy one from Debenhams. I do have a short overcoat that I bought from Matalan but I don’t regard it as a proper long overcoat that would keep my knees warm. This morning Debenhams share price plunged and the company promised to speed up their ‘Debenhams Redesigned strategy’. Debenhams is a quite up-market department store but has long leases on stores that are no longer in prime positions. My local Debenhams is in an arcade and there is little parking nearby. Matalan has a big free car park shared with a number of other stores. However, Debenhams has potential and so I see today’s share price of 29p as an investment opportunity. Will I buy more shares? Maybe. Anyway, being unconstrained by convention in my thinking means I can be an investor and I can use my creativity to try to understand what Debenhams is trying to do and I think their efforts to try to create customer experiences might work.

Creative thinking

We can apply creative thinking to all aspects of life whether it be photography, art or investing. You don’t have to accept conventions, you can deviate. I am deviating from a convention in my quest to create some art that is different from the norm and an art that will be appreciated when exhibited in our local gallery. I want essentially to use my photography to create people’s art. I’m even considering spending a lot of money to buy a new professional camera. I see that as an investment too.

Anyway, I have a castle to build. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links to my latest posts. You can also find links and other things on my Facebook page.

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