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Creative thinking? #creative

creative thinking


The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

We all have imagination, so we can all be creative. Right?

Being creative also requires some skills if you want to create something worthwhile. Most creative people constantly try to improve their creative skill set. Writers write and artists produce works that they  hope will be better than the last one. Some people just fake it and hope that by telling everyone their work is amazing that they will believe it. There is some merit in being able to ‘sell’ ideas to others; you still have to use your imagination and be creative.

Creative works tend to be visual and try to stir the emotions in the viewers. Text can be quite visual and the creativity doesn’t end with the actual content, writers can be quite creative with the layout too.

Creative thinking is simply trying to imagine something that doesn’t yet exist. Often it is an image that only exists in the imagination that you wish to create so others can see it. Creative thinking isn’t about capturing an image, it isn’t just making a drawing of your dog from a photograph, but creating a image that can’t be captured.

Banksy does images that are a product of his imagination. Images that provoke an emotional response. Pictures that we can’t see unless he creates them for us. Some of them aren’t pretty, they are still thought provoking.

Even arranging a photo can be creative. You have to imagine the scene before you can create it. Professional photographers don’t take photos, they create them and that involves arranging the shot and editing the image to get what they imagined it would be.  Sometimes, through trial and error they create a image that is better than they imagined.

The devil is often in the detail. The stitching on that pair of designer jeans makes all the difference. The sharpness of a photograph, the tilt of a hat, the signature of the artist; these are the finishing touches that designers and artists appreciate and understand.

Continuity seems alien to creativity, but is part of it. We create using the skills we have and the knowledge and experience we have. Really Avant garde creativity is often artists or designers clutching desperately at straws, wanting something different, but without the inspiration to create it.

Inspiration is part of being creative, you need to experience life in all it’s diversity. It is from that diversity that new ideas are found that can be blended to produce something new. You find new creative colours and you mix them together to create a new colour, a new shade; it’s still colour, but a new mix used in a different way. There are over 16 million colours to choose from on a computer. There are probably 16 million different ways to use them.

I hope you have found today’s article inspiring and you can imagine something different. Take the time to be alone and allow your mind to wander. You can share those thoughts in the comments box or follow me on Twitter and tweet them.

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