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Creative thoughts #ramble

creative thoughts

It’s Sunday morning and I’m sharing my thoughts with you again. My thoughts today are creative thoughts. I want to go out and take some photographs, but I want to take one that is really different. I want to create art and that takes a little thought. I not only have to decide on a subject but wait for just the right light for my image.


I took a picture of a footbridge over the canal last year for a competition. It was a nice photograph, but it would be better with just the right light and a narrowboat in the foreground. This is how we get something special, something artistic. We want something better and we strive for something special. You don’t get art by fiddling around with a pile of bricks or throwing a tin of Dulux at a wall. I think I’ll check out the canals this afternoon.


My creative thoughts are also focused on cooking lunch. I suppose cooking can be quite artistic. I do like to make my meals look good as well as taste good these days. I like to experiment with cooking just as I do with photography.  My homemade soup was delicious this week, but I don’t think the spicy soup agreed with me. I’ll stick to herbs and savoury from now on. We have to learn from mistakes and setbacks.

Being wrong

We can all get things wrong and it can be difficult to admit it. Acknowledging the fact that we might just be wrong can undermine our confidence and commitment. Politicians always sound so committed and confident. Many of them are psychopathically confident and should be committed. I always have doubts and so I think I find it easier to admit I am wrong and so learn from my mistakes. My creative thoughts are often about realising errors and adapting as a result of experience. People with dogmatic beliefs find it hard to adapt and can spend their whole lives clinging to some bull shit ideology that is complete rubbish. Like those people who collect coupons out of the Sun for cheap crappy holidays and go to the same horrible places year after year.

Love life

I get asked all sorts of questions. I was asked the best material to make plastic eyelets out of this week. I thought nylon would be the best. I had a look at the eyelets on my shower curtains and they appear to be metal and nylon. I also get asked for my advice on their love lives. Usually by young ladies who either can’t get a boyfriend or are complaining about the one they have. Giving such advice is tricky. I know not to criticise the one they are smitten with. I usually ask pertinent questions like, does he treat you with respect? Does he give you support? I know the answers will be no, but I ask anyway. The problem is we have few social rules anymore. Young people often don’t even learn how to be polite, let alone treat people with respect. They need good role models don’t they? I blame Beckham and Beiber. Young lads now think a daft haircut and a tattoo will turn them into a babe magnet. Some of them could be right…

Creative thoughts

My creative thoughts have dried up, I think we need pictures. If you would like to follow this blog which puts out stuff daily on useful subjects like photography, saving money and other ideas; just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on twitter for updates. You can also find more ideas on my Facebook page.

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