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Creativity and beliefs #ramble #Sunday

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with you. I want to go out today and wander around taking photos but the weather forecast isn’t very good. I can look forward to a temperature of just 5C. I had plans for 2018 but most of them have been put on hold. I am doing the #TheJanuaryChallenge and that’s going well. I have to build a boat today. I’ll need some creativity for that…

creativity and photography

Sandwell Valley

I drove to Sandwell Valley last Sunday afternoon and took a few photos, it was freezing. I shall try again this week. I need to begin my art project soon. I want an image I can convert to CMYK colour and have printed A1 size for exhibiting in the spring or summer. I need to see if I can get the colours good enough so I’ll do just one picture, to begin with. It will be a lot cheaper than having them printed as fine art prints.

New ventures

I’m leaving some ventures and people behind this year and looking for new adventures. I am still committed to improving the community I live in and I hope I’ll be able to use my writing, photography and social media skills to help the new Business Improvement District company when we get approval to go ahead with it. I’ll be more committed to art as well and I’ll try to develop my photography and interact with the small audience I have for it. The days are getting longer and I have noticed it getting lighter both in the mornings and late afternoon. I can cope with low light much more easily than I used to. It can be impossible to take photos with a long lens in poor light but it is always worth experimenting and seeing just what is possible. I’ll try really high ISO settings today and see what the shots at 300mm look like.


Curation is about storing photos and content away for future use. I took delivery of a couple of flash drives yesterday and I’ve already put all the videos that I made in 2017 on one of them. One drive is 1 TB and the other 2 TB. That gives me plenty of space for photos and I’ll try to store all my best photos and videos of 2018 for future use and maybe future generations. I can store millions of photos now. How cool is that?

Ideas and creativity

New ideas and creativity make life interesting. My challenge today is to build a boat. The challenge is interactive so I’ll photograph my boat too. I already have some ideas about how I’ll do it. A closed mind accepts things as they are. A creative mind looks around and tries to discover something new or strives to create something new.


My friend is a Buddhist and so reads Buddhist texts and visits the temple. Ancient Britons were Druids and believed in nature. I could easily be a druid because nature seems to be very beneficial for me. I see beauty in nature and I even see some beauty in the industry now. I like photographing structures, natural landscapes and even people. The creativity of mankind impresses me and the way nature creates impresses me even more. The magic of nature is that it can evolve and ensure it’s own growth and survival.

That’s it for this week. I have a boat to build! If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address and through the magic of the internet, you’ll get an email with a link to every post as they are published or just follow me on Twitter for links. You can also find links and much more on my Facebook page.

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