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Creativity and the creative industry #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? In a word, creativity. We set up a new writer’s group yesterday; The Darlaston Writer’s Group. It will hopefully encourage people to take an interest in writing and help them improve their craft. We now have a strong creative industry in the UK. It is needed because although we have goods that can be mass-produced relatively inexpensively, no one will buy them without advertising and marketing. That industry needs creative people who can write and produce visually appealing images and video. Some goods that are sold are now manufactured for a small percentage of the retail price, the rest goes on creating an image that makes the goods desirable.

creativity means creating images


People want experiences now. They want vacations that take them to a different world. They want days out that take them, not just to a different place, but to a different time. Living museums can do that these days but there is a lot of creativity that goes into making that happen.


Creativity drives the creative industries and we must, to a certain extent, feel free to be creative. The Bloomsbury Group was an influential group of artists and creative people. The group didn’t just include artists and writers but free-thinkers and philosophers. John Maynard-Keynes’ leaning towards free thinking and free expression allowed him to think about economics in a wholly different way. Creativity can change the way we think about life and every sphere of life. We can explore, we can experiment, we can play around and not take the subject too seriously; while we look for new and original ideas. Creativity is about ideas and it is also about being curious. Mankind sets itself apart from other species by being innately curious.


Creative people have always formed groups to share ideas and groups have an element of reciprocity about them. We like to show what we can do and get emotional rewards in return for our creative endeavours. If someone likes my blog or one of my photographs, of course, I’m pleased. It is social proof, it validates my work. Writer’s groups, art groups and photographers groups all serve that important purpose.


Being creative can be a lonely pursuit too and I’ll be out wandering around alone this afternoon looking for things to photograph. Going out in a group can be good because you chat about what you’re doing and share ideas but alone you have time to think. Most creative people spend a lot of time alone just thinking about their ideas or trying to put their ideas into action. I couldn’t write this so easily or so creatively if I had other people around distracting me. I need a quiet stillness to be able to write. I also need to focus when I’m out taking photographs.

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