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Cricket – such a gentlemanly sport.

It is Sunday morning and as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. I had a memorial cricket match to photograph tomorrow but I have just found out it’s 12 o’clock today so today’s post will have to be done at lightning speed. A smoking keyboard then! Cricket is such a gentlemanly sport, unlike others.


I’m glad there was a cricket photo in my server-side archive or I would have been fiddling about looking for one. Besides being a civilised sport I think cricket can also bring a community together a little. I think my history page on Facebook does that too and more so this week because people have been contributing their pictures as part of a competition.


You could say photography is the poor man’s art. We can’t outbid each other to pay a million for a bit of Banksy graffiti but we can share our photos and selfies on Facebook and Instagram. Photography took a more respectable place in the arts recently with our art festival being a festival of photography, walks and talks. It was mostly funded by Arts Council England too.


After all the rain, summer seems to be back and so I should have a pleasant couple of hours today photographing the cricket. I have a 28 – 300 lens almost permanently attached to my camera now, so that will be ideal. I can shoot wide open so I’ll have no problem with the light. I’ll shoot on aperture priority and should get really fast shutter speeds that will freeze the action and any camera movement.

So that’s my next few hours planned. My only problem is my gammy leg. Will it get me to the other side of the cricket pitch to where the bar is? I hope it does but I just want to get the photos really so it’s not important.

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