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I live in the Black Country where the humour is self deprecating and there is a tendency for us to underestimate ourselves rather than overestimate. There is a tendency too, towards straight talking without fine words or embellishments. There is a rich Anglo Saxon culture and a dialect to match.

Ask how we are and the reply will probably be ’not too bad’, if we say ‘great, never been better’, we’re being sarcastic. The culture is changing and becoming more plastic as people embrace modern life with it’s smart phones and jet travel. However, the humble working class people of the Black Country are becoming more creative, less humble and are fascinated by the new methods of communication. They are checking their Facebook news feeds and becoming involved online. Some people are even creating professional profiles on LinkedIn. The world has got smaller and the people of the Black Country want to be part of this modern world. They are blowing their own trumpet a little more. They want more influence, not only over local matters, but national issues too. In fact, the internet has opened up new opportunities to become involved in all sorts of things. The people no longer want to sit in the audience and watch, they want to get up on stage and have a go!

The introverted nature of the people in the Black Country is changing, we are becoming more extrovert and looking to take centre stage more. There are still those who oppose change and want to drag their feet or put the brakes on this cultural revolution. Maybe, revolution is too strong a word. Revolution requires leadership, we seem to have quiet change without much leadership. I’ve noticed less conflict and changes in perceptions. The Black Country used to be an ugly industrial place to live. Now the environment continually improves and people want to make it even more aesthetically pleasing. People want to have pride in the Black Country and it’s heritage and we even have a Black Country Festival that runs all through July now.The Black Country flag is flown with some pride.

Maybe we will start a trend and other localities will have their own flag and be proud of their heritage and dialect. It seems difficult to fit in and stand out at the same time. To be proud of being different in a bid to be more acceptable to outsiders. We need to change the Black Country and make good use of the heritage we have. We need to look after and use our Victorian parks, our nature reserves and our canals. We need to be more aware of the aesthetics and try to preserve the beautiful Victorian buildings and oppose bright  new additions that shout out their presence with garish colours that present them as some ugly new land mark.

I would like to see more culture and I think we could make the Black Country a great place for people to come to. I like nostalgia and it’s becoming more popular. People like reminders of the past and treasure the Victorian parks with their bandstands and pavilions.

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