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Culture in Wednesbury #art #photography #music

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. Yesterday afternoon I went to Wednesbury art gallery for a performance by Florence Joelle which was part of the Jazz Festival. It was  a pleasant afternoon and I was quite surprised that I could understand some of the words of the songs that she sang in French! It was all très bon!

Culture in Wednesbury


It’s quite dark in the Richards Gallery but the photographs are quite good. I decided against using a flash and set the ISO really high at 12,500. I think I’ll be using that setting a lot in the future, I don’t really like flash photography.

Culture in Wednesbury

We don’t get much culture in Wednesbury so we’re having quite a good year with some events as part of the Blast Festival of photography, walks and talks and now the Birmingham and Sandwell Jazz Festival events. Entertainment in Wednesbury is more likely to be Joe Elvis or a Tom Jones tribute to give the ladies an excuse to chuck their knickers on the stage. My mom was ‘in service’ in a big house where I believe the owners behaved with some dignity. She would probably describe the people of today as ‘common as muck’! I’m not posh, of course, I descend into talking slang with a Black Country dialect most of the time but I do know how to behave. I can also appreciate art and good music. I can even create a bit of art now and again!


I’m still curating old pictures of Wednesbury and the surrounding area. Those are part of our culture in Wednesbury and I use social media to share them. I think I’m quite good at SMM (social media management). The History of Wednesbury page has around eight and half thousand followers. I’ve managed to get the Brunswick Park page past the 1,000 followers mark at last. I could get that page as successful as the history page if we could generate more content. We did have jazz in the park a few years ago which was great.

Poet Laureate

I talked about this problem of getting support for culture with our local poet laureate yesterday too. He doesn’t find being a poet easy in this predominantly working class town. Perhaps we need to make culture more working class? I think the images I put on Facebook strike a chord, why else would the history page have so many followers? My modern photos are appreciated too. My funny little poems don’t go down so well and neither does the jazz or classical music. There is a certain hostility towards anything that is considered upper class or even middle class. I think it is a bit stupid when working class people regard people who appreciate culture as traitors to their working class roots. The comrades in arms attitude of Jeremy Corbyn has divided the Labour party despite the fact that he is actually quite into culture. I understand he can be seen enjoying the opera at the Glyndebourne festival.  He does also slum it at Glastonbury as well to deliver his revolutionary message. I doubt if that message would go down so well at Glyndebourne.


There was a time when the local dignitaries in the town were quite middle class and that perhaps meant more cultural events like the juvenile ball. Now everyone seems to be quite working class and less interested in cultural events. There was a councillor at yesterday’s concert, though. I think art, poetry, classical music and jazz are acquired tastes so I suppose those tastes are often acquired when people are quite young. You grow up with culture or you don’t. I acquired a liking for art and music as an adult but I’m different!

That’s all for today. There will be more jazz this afternoon at the 13th century manor house. I’ll take more photos.

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