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Culture is so complicated #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual, I will share my thoughts with you. I saw a report on TV that said the Chinese government were sending Muslims for re-education in special centres. The children are being sent to special boarding schools. It seems like a breach of human rights but there are so many differing beliefs in China and different ‘tribes’. We have seen how Islam can become corrupted and give rise to terrorism. At home, Boris Johnson seems the favourite to be the next prime minister and he has similar views. Over the other side of the Atlantic, Trump is quite anti-Islam too. Religion does cause a lot of problems so maybe China is right to cast aside primitive beliefs? I think the Chinese government needs to learn some tolerance but I can understand their fears. Culture is so complicated.

Culture is so complicated


As usual, I have photography on my mind because it’s the only day when the roads around here aren’t congested. It could be a good day for it, we have some cloud but the sun is breaking through. I want to capture some scenes that say something about our culture. I have been photographing pubs and have broadened the subject matter to churches and corner shops. Culture is so complicated, it can be hard to recognise the symbols that define it. I want to photograph things and buildings that people relate to. I need to get to markets and other events and photograph the people themselves more too.


Do people relate to certain landmarks? There are a few statues and structures around that mean something to people. I have photographed a couple of clock towers. I need to be more observant! I have photographed some signs recently which was a good idea.


Photographs do define my art. They can be a bridge to people’s memories, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. I’m compiling an album of photos and I hope to get a group together to share the album and see what conversations the photographs spark. I’m still planning more art cards too but I’m in no hurry to do those. I don’t think there will be too much support to buy them.

Culture is so complicated

The differing cultures around the world are complicated having evolved over millennia. The Black Country culture is complicated with its prejudices and beliefs. Hardship can make people hard and intolerant but the easy life can make them indifferent. The likes of Rees-Mogg have had it easy. They aren’t hardened by life, they are just indifferent to the suffering of people less fortunate. The same can be said of bumbling Boris. Here in the Black Country, a hardened attitude borne out of suffering can be passed from one generation to the other. That hardened attitude can also produce people who are intolerant of others. Culture is so complicated, whether it be in Westminster, China or Darlaston.

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