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Curating an archive #photography

I am still building the History of Wednesbury archive and I’m now adding some of my pictures that I hope future generations might enjoy. The old pictures that I find often need leveling and I find I can sharpen them a little to get rid of some of the blur. The weather was good on Sunday and so I was able to wander around taking a few pictures. I am curating two archives now and I have a lot of pictures on backup drives that I can look through and put on the THOW Facebook page from my own collection. There is some skill in curating an archive and it takes organising.

curating an archive

Lower High Street

I took a few pictures within our Conservation Zone . You can see in this picture, there were few people around on Sunday. I was trying to take my time and think about the shots to get more form to the buildings. I was quite surprised to be able to shoot at f/16 after being used to the dark days of winter. I like fast shutter speeds and I had plenty of light. You can see the Nikon D750 picks up the details in the shadows quite well.


March 2021

This is a similar shot from last month. I had less light but it’s still a sharp shot and I’m pleased with both pictures. I won’t be printing either one. I am looking for really outstanding shots to make some limited edition prints. I think I might get better pictures when the buildings have been improved and the weather is better. I would prefer some cloud to diffuse the light and ideally the sun just breaking through the cloud to give some shadow but not too much! Of these two pictures I prefer the first one with the dark shadows, it has more interest and looks sharper.

Facebook shop

I run several Facebook pages and groups and you can now have a Facebook shop. I thought about it this morning but I have enough to do. It is something we could consider in the future to sell art cards and prints. I would need to go out making deliveries and get some packing materials to send goods out by post. Other products could include greeting cards and calendars. I would prefer to help someone else do it and as we have plans for more admins and editors for the Facebook page, I think I’ll wait and see what develops.

Curating an archive

I hope to find a few people to act as editors with an interest in curating an archive and maybe an interest in photography and editing too. They can bring new enthusiasm and ideas to the History of Wednesbury. They will need a computer and maybe a camera too.

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