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Curation and editing #photography

Besides taking photographs I also curate old photos for the History of Wednesbury. Curation and editing are also part of the process of creating a good photo. I edit my photos to adjust exposure and other attributes of the image. I don’t Photoshop my images to some preferred standard. If the image is a little grey because of the light then that adds a certain quality to the image. I do however set the white balance in a grey light.

curation and editing


I also used PhotoScape to create montages that can tell a little pictorial story. I find PhotoScape quite adequate for my needs and it’s free! This year has been strange because there have been no events to photograph. I haven’t even seen narrow boats pass by on the canals of the Black Country. One local photographer does an annual calendar of canal pictures and likes to get nice shots of narrowboats on the canal. There have been no boats passing through this year.

Curation and editing

The curation and editing of my own images is quite important and I have an old disk drive that I use as an archive drive. I’ve just bought a new laptop and the SSD out of my old one now provides me with a backup drive and the backups are surprisingly fast. Curation is about building an organised library of pictures and if you make the file name associated with the subject of the image then you have a searchable database of images. If you’re just starting out in photography then start curating straight away and protect your work by making backups.


Don’ worry too much about the camera you’re using. We always want better cameras and better lenses. Just try to produce the best you can with what you have. You can even create quite good images with a phone and then edit them afterward. I think having a computer to do your editing is also important. I would like some new lenses but a new laptop took priority over lenses.

I’ll end with a selection of images from previous photography outings.




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