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Cyclical Changes #life


We are all familiar with the seasons changing, the autumn colours and the winter snow, but there are other cyclical changes that we are less aware of. There are cyclical changes in politics and in our personal lives. We make new friends and lose old friends and life goes on.

I try to notice these cycles especially on the stock market where the whole market tends to follow a cycle which is connected to the cycles of individual companies. Stock prices go up and stock prices go down. At the moment, I’m watching for what investors term a Santa rally when prices go up, perhaps because of the feel-good factor that Christmas brings.

The weather changes with the seasons and the marketing companies pay attention to that. We are more likely to buy soft drinks in summer and so they are not only stocked up in stores but advertising is intensified in the summer season. Sporting fixtures change with the seasons too and the clothing we wear. Most companies marketing clothing have a cyclical stock rotation strategy that means woollies and winter coats are in stock to coincide with the colder months of the year and tee shirts and shorts are in stock to coincide with the warmer months. Even selling ice cream is cyclical and the smart ice cream salesperson will have a different product to sell in the winter months.

There are economic cycles when there is a more money around and cycles when there is less money circulating. We have good times and we have bad times. Life itself is cyclical. Births marriages and deaths are part of recurring cycles of life.

Gardeners are very aware of the spring, summer and autumn cycle when they plant, care for and then harvest their garden. Farmers too are acutely aware of the cycle of the seasons and are guided by them.

Astrologers believe in connected cycles. The cycles the planets to through are connected to out lives and influence our lives. Is this far-fetched? It probably is, but we can’t ignore connected cycles. Cycles are patterns and all animals are pre-programmed to recognise patterns, it’s how we recognise people’s faces from an early age. We quickly learn to recognise other patterns too. We are good at recognising patterns and cycles, but not always good at recognising connected patterns.

Connected patterns are hard to distinguish. When the price of petrol goes up, people use their cars less. The petrol price if part of a cycle and so is car use, they are connected. When people are using their cars less, are they using buses more? It could be useful to find out if you’re an executive of a bus company.

It can help us in life to recognise cycles and patterns. If the same thing happens over and over and it’s undesirable, we can look to see why it happens, what drives the cycle and maybe change it.

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