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Community photography

Darlaston summer

It’s Sunday morning and so I’m writing another, make it up as you go along, post. I went to Rough Hay Community Centre in Darlaston yesterday and photographed their summer fayre. There is no place in the country like Darlo, half the town is owned by the local slum-lord.


Smile, yam in Darlo

There is always something to smile about in Darlaston as you look at this picture notice how the barbecue has been carefully positioned near the compost bins. It is actually a nice community garden and it is edifying to speak with people at community events who are making a genuine effort to improve communities.


Horse owners will gather today in Darlaston and the annual ‘oss drive will go on a 15-mile tour of local pubs. It’s an ‘oss driven pub crawl. I’ll be there to record the event in photos and maybe a bit of video. I just have to be careful not to get stuck behind them and then have to drive miles at 15 miles an hour. To be fair, though, I would rather follow an ‘oss and cart at 15 miles an hour than go over speed humps. They ought to hire them to patrol outside schools at chucking out time.

In the movies

I’m surprised they haven’t had offers from some movie company to be extras in some epic movie. We’ve got the Black Country museum as a backdrop and Darlaston is a blast from the past too. Peaky Blinders was a hit and that was about Brummies. A proper Black Country story would be even better. Wouldn’t it aer kid? I’ve never seen a film company on location in Darlo. I photographed BBC Radio in Wednesbury this week and that was hardly worth getting dressed up for. It did, however, attract our  first tourists who flew in from Brum on the Metro.

The weather

Like everywhere else in England, we’re obsessed with the weather in the Black Country. We’ve already had one big event in Wednesbury rained off as the park got waterlogged for our Queen’s Birthday party. Today is sunny and we have a blue sky, but will it last? We have the carnival next weekend and the Black Country Festival all month-long. We need some proper July weather and no more rain!

Darlaston oh Darlaston

They should write a song about Darlaston, shouldn’t they? Glenn Campbell sang about Galveston. ‘I clean my gun and dream of Darlaston’, it has a ring to it… There aren’t too many words that rhyme with Galveston and Darlaston, though. There aren’t that many that rhyme with Darlo, either…


I’m trying to give the local community a bit of publicity. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It can be very effective when you combine words and pictures, newspapers have been doing it for centuries. We are now in a digital age and the combination of words and pictures digitised and distributed through blogs and social media can be a very effective way of communicating. I seem to be quite good with words and my photography continually improves. I know a few social media tricks too.

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