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Day 10 of my isolation #ramble

It’s Sunday and so as always I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s day 10 of my isolation and it going well. I must admit I get frustrated with the stupid people. I see essential workers in other countries wearing PPE especially masks and we are only just appealing for PPE for council workers. The army is having to deliver hastily acquired PPE to hospitals. Talk about too little, too late.

On day 10 of my isolation, I am wondering how long this will last. They usually say 12 weeks but on one occasion they said 16 weeks.


I offered to get masks for the council weeks ago. I think it’s too late now, air freight is limited now. I think people are just beginning to take the situation seriously. It’s getting closer to home now. I’ve done everything I can do to try to get people to take it seriously. If they haven’t got it now, they never will. I suspect there are still some stupids who are still in denial and trying to have a day at the seaside or walking around the park like nothing has happened.


I’m missing my photography but I have been trying to document my isolation in photographs. I’ve photographed the lawnmower and my lunches. They aren’t the most exciting photographs but interesting.

50 Kg of potatoes

I have another food delivery tomorrow and I will amend the order this afternoon. I’ve made notes so I won’t forget anything. I’ve been using my gluten-free bread but supplies of that aren’t reliable so I might have to improvise quite a lot. I have one more delivery slot for next week but don’t know if I’ll get another so I’m hoping to store enough food to last until June. I have 50Kg of potatoes keeping cool and if I can fill my freezer with meat products I should make it. I’ve got quite a lot of tinned fruit and some tinned meat.

Day 10 of my isolation

On day 10 of my isolation, I am wondering how long this will last. They usually say 12 weeks but on one occasion they said 16 weeks. They don’t seem very well organised when it comes to supporting people in isolation. I’m sure many who are not online are having to go shopping despite being vulnerable. I think at the moment, I could last out until the middle of May without another food delivery and I have two deliveries booked so I should make it until June or even July.

That’s it for this week. Stay safe everyone.

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