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Day 6 of my isolation #covid_19 #pandemic

It’s day 6 of my isolation and things are going quite well. I managed to get another slot for food delivery and I’m slowly adjusting to my new situation. I don’t miss people too much but I do miss my photography outings. I hope that the isolation will end in the summer and I can make up for lost time and get out and about and add to my portfolio of pictures.

day 6 of my isolation


I have been taking pictures but not of anything very interesting. I was burning rubbish in the garden yesterday. That fire would have made a interesting picture but I didn’t really think about it. I did some digging and tidied the garden a little. There were one or two mishaps. I cut my finger with the secateurs, fell when I stepped into a fox hole and nearly singed my eyebrows.  I survived and will be out there again today.

Looking after my neighbour

When I spoke to my neighbour he said he would go to the local shop for food. He would be better staying in isolation so I’ll phone him later and see what he needs and add his order to my home delivery on Monday. I’ll offer his some beer as well, I’m well stocked up on lager!


I don’t have many investments now but what I do have halved in value. I did make a new investment in the light of the pandemic and that is doing well. My finances are reasonably healthy and so I might make a further donation to the community group trying to help the most vulnerable. We have to help each other.

Day 6 of my isolation

So day 6 of my isolation is all planned out. I’ll check on my neighbour and get out in the garden again. I have some runner beans to grow and some seed potatoes to plant. The seed potatoes will go in the ground and large pots. I’ll be eating new potatoes from the garden before this isolation ends! I don’t have many canes for the runner beans but I’ll improvise with string.

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