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Day 8 of my isolation #covid_19 #pandemic

It’s day 8 of my isolation and I’m still relatively sane. I’ve been gardening and have planted potatoes in containers and I will plant some in the garden too. I also have some runner bean seed that I’ll plant in pots and a container sometime in April. I don’t have any canes for the runner beans but I think I can improvise!

Day 8 of my isolation


I have a food delivery on Monday and my mind is almost always on food. I see food as being my potential problem.  I have to make sure I don’t miss anything off my list that I might need. The other problem is storing the food I buy so I’m buying more tinned food and stocking my freezer full. The freezer is nearly full now and there is food in my fridge. I’ve found a polystyrene box to put my spread in to keep it cool and I might get a few more things from the fridge in there too. My potatoes are in an old tin trunk on the yard keeping cool. At the moment, I think I have enough food to last over a month and could probably last 6 weeks if I wasn’t too fussy what I was eating. I would be down to beans on toast by the end of the six weeks.

Day 8 of my isolation

I’m on day 8 and I think this will last at least 12 weeks or even as long as 16 weeks. I read something this morning that suggests we might have to go 3 weeks or even a month with no new cases before we can return to normal life. It would be terrible if a case went undetected and the epidemic in this country started all over again.


I’ll be out in the garden this afternoon and will finish mowing the lawn. I’m using the grass cuttings as a dressing over the seed potatoes to keep them warm. I’ll take some photos too because I’m trying to document my isolation in pictures. There isn’t much to photograph yet but hopefully shoots will spring up from my planting and then things will get interesting.

Keeping in touch is important while in isolation and as it’s my sister’s birthday, she gets today’s phone call!

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