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Deals on big items #Black-Friday #thrifty

There are lots of deals on big items around this week. The more expensive the item, the bigger the reduction in many cases. The online Black Friday deals appear to be the more attractive ones with popular online retailers Amazon who tend to lead the race to take your money.

Black Friday deals on big items

Online deals have lots of deals and 10% off all Windows laptops over £499- use code BFWINDOWS10 at the checkout.  Tesco is doing daily deals and well worth looking at for toys. The Matalan event is up to 50% off. There isn’t very much to choose from in the men’s sale but the homeware has a good selection. Curry’s has a black tag event and I did look through the camera section. Unfortunately, they seem to favour Canon and I like Nikon. I also like lower prices!

Deals on Big items

Where I do buy from Curry’s is those big items like white goods where I want something fitted and the packaging and the old model took away. I also bought my laptop from Curry’s because I wanted to try the keyboard before I bought it.


Check out giffgaff for deals on mobile phones and they do a great pay as you go SIM. You can buy a goody bag to last a month, costing as little as £5. I saved £100 off the Amazon prices by buying my phone from giffgaff and I save a lot on the cost of calls too.

Remember to shop around for those Black Friday deals on big items. Search the internet and online retailers and don’t be fooled into thinking the Black Friday deal is the best deal. I’m interested in a new camera but all the major retailers and specialist camera dealers can’t match the price I found at a small family business that has recently branched out into online sales. I can save over £500 on the Nikon suggested retail price by shopping around.

Cyber Monday

If you’re looking for tech such as computers then look for Cyber Monday deals as well. Dell is offering deals on computers on Monday. Before you look at the deals, decide what you want a computer for and consider the specification. How fast do you want it? Do you need an SSD for a fast start-up? How much are you prepared to pay?

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