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Deciding when to buy and sell #investments

Deciding when to buy and sell on the stock market can be difficult.  Some investors operate stop losses but those aren’t foolproof especially on AIM. Market makers often reduce the bid price by a few percent with the intention of triggering stop losses. It seems to be a common practice on the AIM.

buy and sell

Donald Trump

It is Donald Trump’s inauguration today and that heralds a new era of uncertainty for the global economy. It is events like this that should make us consider buying or selling.  The triggering of article 50 in March is another event to consider.  On a positive note, Christmas seems to have had an effect and the Santa rally sent the FTSE 100 to record heights.

Blue Monday

This week began with Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year and that had the opposite effect to the Santa rally. There was a lot of trading updates this week that was mixed with some companies doing well over the Christmas period and others like Premier Foods still struggling. PFD fell dramatically by 6p. There was a little good news for me on the AIM as there was renewed interest in Solo Oil which continued to advance despite there being no news.

Taylor Wimpey

I bought Taylor Wimpey just after the Brexit vote and it has continued to climb. I can sell now for a 25% return but should I keep it and wait to see if it goes back to the previous high? It is on 168.9 this morning. They did do a special dividend last year which is worth taking into account. It looks like they will pay a special dividend of around 9p in July again this year giving full year dividends of more than 11p. That is a good return for investors considering the current share price. I think we can expect the share price to advance further as the July dividend date nears.

The AA

The AA share price is down nearly 6% this morning. Does someone know something that I don’t? I’m always suspicious of share price movements when there is no official news. They do have significant debts and this is one share I would like to see the back of.

Buy and sell

The other share I’m considering selling is Tesco and I have no plans to do any buying at this time. It seems the markets are too volatile. I will buy if I see an opportunity and that is what investing is all about, watching and waiting for opportunities. Opportunities should decide when to buy and sell.

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