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Decision making in Britain #life

Decision making

Decision making

In Britain, we have to make decisions all the time. Do we support the government over the junior doctors strike today or do we support the doctors and the British Medical Association? Who has the best evidence-based arguments? Who has the best track record for caring about us, the general public? We rely on the press to a certain extent to check the evidence for us. Can we trust the press and can we still trust BBC news?

St George’s Day

With the slightly nationalist St George’s Day celebrations still fresh in our minds, we will also have to make an even more important decision in June. Do we vote to stay in Europe or do we vote to leave? Are we going to be given clear evidence-based information to help us decide? I read a claim by the stay campaign that immigration is good for Britain because immigrants pay more into the system than they take out. It’s all about money isn’t it? Migrants also need childcare, education, healthcare and roads to drive on. We have a housing shortage and we have congested roads, our schools are overcrowded and our health service is in crisis. While we should take some migrants, an open door policy is not supported by many people.

Trade agreements

The people who want us to leave the EU also say stupid things. They ignore trade agreements and the impending trade agreements between the EU and China and also the one with the USA. Forget the global market being a free market, it’s all fixed, with trade agreements. The fixers are the big players, the USA, China and the European Union. Do we want to play with the big kids or do we want to stand in the corner of the playground on our own?

Emotional outbursts

Decision making in Britain is done with emotional outbursts, we need a bit of cool analysis of the evidence. This is Britain, home of the stiff upper lip. We don’t go wailing in the streets just because the cat used up the last of its nine lives. I will admit we have a lot of eccentrics, I’m one of them and we have our fair share of loonies but we can trust those people who we educate and train to look after us in times of crisis. People like doctors for example…

Maybe the junior doctors should look at the evidence and advise us on which way to vote in the June referendum?

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