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Defending disruption #life

When I was younger, going to the pub was a normal part of life. Even driving there and having a few drinks in a smoky atmosphere was quite normal. Pubs have started to close down, it’s now illegal to smoke in pubs and the normality of drinking alcoholic drinks is under attack.

The law has changed on smoking and has forced people to quit the addiction. It disrupted a part of life that people took for granted. The demise of many pubs is more complex. In many cases, they have simply refused to change and adapt to disruption and so lost trade to the ones that have adapted. Pubs now are not just meeting places, they are places to eat and be entertained. There are still pubs where people want to just sit and chat with friends, but they are few and now far between. The industry was disrupted by change.

In parliament, Jeremy Corbyn has been the disrupter and strikes fear into the hearts of the conventional thinkers. He wants to scrap the nuclear deterrent and Nato and that sounds very scary to some. If we look across at America many in politics want to disrupt the constitutional right to bear arms. They argue that people use guns to commit mass murder when their minds are disturbed. This is a sensible argument. The risk of having guns could out way the risks associated with not having them if no one had guns except for a professional police force with the highest of ideals and values. So America really needs to improve its police forces and then argue for a ban on guns. The same argument can be applied to nuclear weapons, the world needs a police force and the only one we have is NATO. Can we strengthen NATO and scrap nuclear weapons? That would be really disruptive, but disruption is considering new ideas and all the consequences of adopting them. Disruption is innovation, not dogma.

In technology, disruption happens all the time and is seen as a good thing. Film cameras are long gone replaced by digital. Typewriters are no more, replaced by computers. Bookkeepers are now computer systems and so on. These disruptions happened because creative people were simply innovative and this is how we progress.

Change can be a bad thing if it’s not done with respect for tradition and respect for people. People need beauty and people need fresh air. Don’t rip apart historic buildings and replace them with ugly boxes. We need to take care of nature, not replace it. The needs of people must always be paramount in our minds. Perhaps that’s why Jeremy Corbyn’s disruption is popular?

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