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Delusions of superiority #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I’ll let you into the neural labyrinth once again and share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this morning? Delusions of superiority. Jacob Rees Mogg thinks he is better than us because he’s an old Etonian and had a university education. He is not alone however, I know devout Jeremy Corbyn fans who look down their noses at others too.  I also know people, who worship a God, who have superior attitudes and lofty opinions of themselves. We are all the same more or less under the skin. These delusions of superiority do get under my skin, however.

delusions of superiority

Delusions of superiority

Do you like today’s picture? Yes, no? Whatever your opinion, you are an art critic. Yes, this is art because it takes skill to take such a sharp and in focus picture. Art is about skill and imagination but mostly about skill. So-called artists who look down on my picture and say it isn’t art are experiencing delusions of superiority. We can all be an art critic and we can all be artists. If you’re curious about the natural world you can be a scientist. You won’t get a top job in a university but you can carry out your own experiments and make new discoveries. The Rees-Moggs and Duncan-Smiths of this world have the money but they are morally bankrupt. So at least the rest of us do have some claim to moral superiority.

Waiting for Spring

Every year is the same, I can’t wait for Spring to arrive so I can go out and take photographs. I thought today would be a washout but the rain has stopped and it’s brightening up. I might manage an outing today after all. It is still only 4 C, however and I still have mobility problems. I want to capture an image that no one else has even looked at. I have photographed some signs that I suspect in time will disappear. I’ll watch out for more interesting signs to photograph today. I’m starting to memorise places and things I need to go back to photograph when I have good light. This is what separates simple snapshots from art. This week, I edited some holiday photos for my sister and uploaded them for printing. The prints turned out to be really good and it reminded me of the importance of editing. The prints worked out cheaper as well.

Sunday lunch

I usually cook something nice for Sunday lunch but today all my meals will be boring and no unusual snacks, either. I keep having tummy upsets and I have noticed a pattern, they tend to be on a Monday! I’ll see if I can resist the temptation to eat differently today.

Saint Scholastica

It is the feast day of Saint Scholastica today. I’m not religious but I am interested in history. Scholastica was the sister of Benedictine and she spent one day a year with him studying religious texts. The story goes that one day when she sensed her death was near, she asked him to stay longer with her. He refused, so the story goes and she prayed and a storm came and he had no choice but stay. A few days later according to the story, she died.

Religious people have delusions of superiority too.

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