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Denying the evidence #ramble

Are climate change deniers just denying the evidence? People like Donald Trump simply believe what they want to believe or what is convenient. The same can be said of many British politicians and some of the worst ones for denying the truth are likely to be prime minister soon. Remember the advert on the side of a double-decker bus promising 350 million a week for the NHS if we left the European Union. No excuses, please. It was a lie, pure and simple, a lie! Leaving the EU will be a very expensive exercise in nationalism.


As always, I have photography on my mind. Today’s picture is of Highfields House in West Bromwich and it is another picture that I think would make a good art card. Art and photography aren’t on most people’s list of important things in life. This is a deprived area and people think about what they need to survive. I use the word survive loosely and include the need to stay sane. People eat too much, many smoke and alcohol plays a part in most people’s lives because it helps them deal with the stress of living here. They don’t seem too stressed? The statistics speak for themselves, alcohol sales are higher in this urban conurbation than in the leafy countryside environments of the middle classes.  It’s not just the poverty, it is the pollution and the 6 hours wait in casualty when you need urgent medical help. It is traffic congestion and it is the feeling of hopelessness that drives people to drink. No, they don’t think too much about the finer things like art and music unless it is a new tattoo to impress their friends or a night out listening to a local band. The ordinary man in the street has no choice but to deny the fact that life is insecure and stressed. Ordinary folk just pin their hopes on a better tomorrow and when asked how they are; they say, “not too bad”. They never say fine, they never say happy.


I’m a realist. I wish I was one of those deniers who believe climate change isn’t happening and everything is fine. Things never seem fine in the world I live in, they are just “not too bad” and that is often a lie; we are all deniers!

Rain, rain…

As you may have guessed today is another day of rain and more rain. It doesn’t even seem like proper rain. Why can’t it just rain and get it over with? Why do we have to endure this seemingly endless drizzle! Give me some sunshine before I’m forced to resort to taking a vitamin D tablet.

Denying the evidence

Of course, all this water we have falling from the skies is evaporating and what does that do? It makes it cooler! It’s June and it’s only 10C and feels much colder! It is easy on a day like this to forget that the polar ice caps are melting and forget all the severe weather the world has seen in the past few years. We all tend to think about our little patch of the planet and as part of that process of denying the evidence, we forget the rest of the planet exists. I try to be an optimist and think life here is comparatively good. We aren’t driving expensive cars or drinking champagne day in and day out but we have clean water,  shelter and food to eat. That’s more than millions in African have, right? We have to be realistic…

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