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Design a card #photography #art

The daily challenge from 64 Million Artists today is to design a card. I did my design and shared it with the Facebook group. I took a few photographs yesterday of the bluebells and buttercups in the garden so I used one of those pictures. I wrote a little verse to put in the centre of the image. That was the hard part!

design a card


I used the page option in PhotoScape and dragged my photo to each side of a page design and then a blank section into the middle. I wrote my poem in Word and I copied and pasted that into the centre part. I had several attempts until I got it right, centring the text. Then I cropped that whole section from my design which had the effect of enlarging the text.

Nikon D3200

I’m using my Nikon D3200 to document my time in lockdown now while my D750 is repaired. The D750 went crashing to the floor one day, I think I caught the sleeve of my sweater on the hot shoe. Fortunately, it is insured. The D3200 is an entry-level camera and has been superseded by the D3300 and D3500 now. You can pick up the D3200 cheaply on eBay and it is a great camera to start with. Even the D750 has been replaced now so look out for bargains. The D3200 doesn’t have wi-fi or touch screen but who needs those? The D750 does have wi-fi and a tilting screen and it is a full-frame camera which makes it great in low light.

Design a card

I shared my design for a card in the 64 Million artists group and I think people like it. There are lots of different templates on PhotoScape to do collages with your photos and you can add text to make the message that much clearer. I think my design attracts attention by using the pictures and people are curious so they will read the verse. Photography can purvey a message with just the image. If we add words, the message becomes more powerful and clear.

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