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Developing artistic practice #art #photography

Whatever type of art you practice, you have to develop your skills and your style. I’m still developing a photographic style and I know one thing is certain. I won’t be copying anyone else’s style. If you Google fine art photography you’ll see that all the images are in the same style. There are a few things driving my distinctive style. Firstly, I don’t go outside the Black Country and I’m confined to a relatively small area. The camera also helps define my style and so too does the lens. The 28 – 300mm lens allows me to zoom in and take candid shots and get quite unusual shots from some distance away. It also allows me to photograph signs and the features of buildings. I hope these restrictions will drive my style and it will become more distinctive. When you’re developing your artistic style, you need to allow it to develop naturally. Developing artistic practice is about letting things happen rather than making things happen.

Developing artistic


The above picture was in an exhibition and I hope to enter pictures in  more exhibitions in 2020.  This is an image driven by the camera and the lens I doubt is I could have got the shot with any other lens. It was  a shot I didn’t plan at all. I saw the shot and took it. I do plan some shots, however. I considered the shots for the art cards well in advance. I don’t consider those photos anywhere near to fine art but they are art that people enjoy. It is also affordable art. People can buy the art cards and share the images with their friends and build a collection.

Developing artistic

Red Lion

This picture of the Red Lion at Darlaston is the image I used for the latest art card. I think pictures of pubs are popular but I don’t need to only photograph pubs for the art cards. I’m thinking of a picture of the Farley tower for the next one or Highfields House in West Bromwich. When you’re developing your art it is better to allow it to develop itself within certain constraints like the geographical area. This is Black Country art!

Developing artistic

Historic buildings

Pictures of historic buildings will also make good art cards and will blend in with the pictures of the pubs.  I will try to get some better images of West Bromwich Manor House and someone suggested a Christmas art card which I’ll try to do if we get some snow fall.

Developing artistic practice

So in 2020, I’ll be doing creative challenges starting with daily challenges from 64 Million Artists in January. I hope that will help me think laterally about art and about my photography. Ideas need to be inspired by something. Just getting out there and looking around and being mindful of our surroundings can be the inspiration that drives us. This year I’ll try to communicate with people more and photograph people in a variety of interesting places.


The pictures on this page demonstrate the sharpness I’ve been getting to my pictures this year. The first two pictures were taken with the Nikon D750 and the last one with the D3200. I’m seeing a big improvement in image quality. That’s important.

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