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It’s the first of November already. I have to admit I don’t like the winter, the cold weather affects my health. My little art project is continuing to develop. I had 2,000 art cards printed and although photography still isn’t considered a ‘proper’ art by many, my cards are selling slowly. I’ve recovered more than 75% of the printing costs. I’m developing an idea and it is evolving naturally.

developing an idea

Developing an idea

When you’re developing an idea it is better to let it evolve slowly rather than rush. Evolution is good enough for nature which evolves fairly successfully. The next step in my art project will be to try to get a picture of the church on the hill with snow on it. I also want snow sticking to the trees. This won’t be easy and could take all winter!  I’ll have to take some test shots, I think. The shot will be taken from the south side of the church and so the position of the sun is quite critical. I don’t want the sun in a southerly position because it will tend to give a flat image, so I think it will be an afternoon shot. There are trees to the west of the church so I really need it with the sun quite high. Near sunset will give a warm light but not enough light. I definitely need those test shots to get some idea of when I need to take the shots. The days will get shorter now so maybe if we get snow in March that will be the best time for this particular photograph. I might try to get a snow-covered picture of West Bromwich Manor House too.

Developing an idea has different stages and during this stage, I have to keep people interested and draw attention not just to my project but to photography as an art in general. We have the Blast! photography festival next year and the publicity for my little art project can be a forerunner for the publicity for the art festival.

I’m also considering art cards for other towns. I don’t like travelling far so that means Tipton and West Bromwich. My shot of the Farley clock tower in West Bromwich was one I was pleased with so that is a definite choice. I could get three or four images on the card and I am experimenting with that idea. I also like the Registry office gardens and building in West Bromwich. The town hall and library are quite iconic buildings too.

Finding great shots in Tipton is more of a challenge despite all the canals. Maybe a composite card with shots from the canal festival? I think I will need to take some shots especially for the art card and a shot of a narrowboat on a scenic stretch of the canal would be a good subject. If it was a composite card then maybe a shot of the Fountain pub as well. I could try getting a good shot of the old Carnegie library and maybe a shot in Victoria Park?

One option would be a composite card for West Bromwich and a composite card for Tipton but would the respective libraries sell them for me like Wednesbury library is doing? That is something else to consider.

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