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Developing my skill #photography

I took up photography just over 10 years ago and mostly shot landscapes with my little Fujifilm S5600 which served me well. I’ve come a long way in 10 years and had pictures exhibited in several exhibitions. I have gone from shooting in scenes modes with a bridge camera to using a full frame Nikon on a manual setting. I am still learning, of course and I’m now trying to set my white balance better in certain situations. That is a matter of practice and experimentation to get just what I want. I will keep developing my skill and I think I will never stop improving.

Developing my skill

Art Card

I shot this picture for an art card and I had 1,000 printed. I don’t think I could have got it any sharper. I shot it at f/8 and had plenty of light so on aperture priority I got a shutter speed of 1/640 of a second. That froze all the camera movement and gave me a pin sharp picture that needed little editing. I still have things to learn. I should have shot it a little wider so I could crop it to an aspect ratio suitable for printing at A6. There is always something to learn but the cropped picture looks good. I’m always developing my skill and trying to improve.

Bridge camera

I’ve put new batteries in my Fujifilm camera and it’s set on aperture priority with a wide aperture and I keep it in the car so I can take a few shots if I see something interesting. It won’t be as good as my Nikon but even in low light I’ll get a reasonable picture shooting wide-open. I also have my phone which is an LG G5 and takes reasonably good pictures too.


Developing my skill has recently included sending my pictures from my Nikon D750 to my phone. That’s useful at events because I can send the images straight to social media at the beginning of the event to publicise it. I’ll use that feature of my camera much more next spring and summer.


My next photo-shoot will probably be on Saturday the 2nd of November when a steam train will be travelling from Birmingham to Blackpool. The Illuminata will stop at Tame Bridge station but I am inclined to take my shots as it passes through Bescot so that I get the smoke and the steam as it passes through. I might even shoot video of it passing through. That choice of stills or video is a difficult one. I think I’ll shoot from the bridge rather than go down on the platform. Again I’ll be developing my skill and learning from the experience. Which is best? Platform or bridge? Stills or video? I am going to buy a clamp for my camera for when I shoot video and maybe a gimbal for shooting video with my phone.

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