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Developing photography into art #photography

I want to start developing photography into art with a series of images shot with a longs lens. I have in mind, people, places and things. This weekend I went to West Bromwich Manor House to a medieval re-enactment where I could photograph people in quite unusual roles and I used my 55 – 300 mm zoom lens.

MANOR (30)


It might appear that we are intruding on a private conversation but that is the look that I want. A look at life as we wouldn’t normally see it.

MANOR (26)

A glimpse

I want a series of pictures that are a glimpse of someone else’s world. I think the 300mm zoom lens can give us that with people but can I get the same effect with places and things?

MANOR (102)


The candid shot not only gives us a glimpse of what people are doing but a glimpse of what they’re feeling. The facial expression tells us something emotional. We can the empathise and understand the feeling. I’m developing photography in a way that will elicit an emotional response from the viewer of the image.

developing photography


I can also capture moments in time when something is happening and although we don’t know what we can capture the moment.

Facial expressions

That facial expression is a captured moment in time. A moment that lasts for as long as the shutter is open, less than 1/100th of a second.

Developing photography

I shot all these images with a wide aperture, in fact, as wide as it would go. That put my subjects in sharper focus and the background and sometimes foreground out of focus. I’m developing photography into art.

Next weekend, I’ll be trying to get more candid shots, this time of narrow boat owners at the Tipton Canal Festival.

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