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Developing my photography #photography

I started learning about photography a relatively short time ago. I think it was 2007 when I bought a Fujifilm bridge camera and it’s only been five years since I began using a DSLR. The sensor on the bridge camera was much smaller than on my Nikon D3200 and the narrowest aperture was f/8. I can now shoot in lower light and get more professional pictures. My aim is to upgrade to a full frame camera with a sensor that is 50% wider. Developing my photography this month is all about better flash photography.

Developing my photography

Natural light

I’ve made good use of natural light in this shot and I want to do more shots like this one where the light streams in through a window to give shadows. It is shadows that gives things form and shadows are often lost when you’re outside and the sun is directly behind you. Shadows can be lost when using a flash too and an off-camera flash to one side of your subject can give you the shadow you need to get a form in your image rather than a flat image.

Developing my photography

I have a softbox for my Speedlight on order and it will probably be delivered today and I hope that will diffuse my flash even more and give me a softer light. The flash gives quite a harsh light even with a diffuser and bounces of people’s faces making them look really shiny.  I’m developing my photography so as to avoid such things.

Full frame

The next step in my photography journey will be a full frame camera with a sensor that is 50% wider. This will give me faster shots in low light and better image processing. I will probably have the Nikon D750 with the 28 – 300mm lens. I’m not well and I can’t carry lots of equipment so that set up will allow me to continue developing my photography in a very creative way. I will also have wi-fi on the camera and so I can develop my social media skills with instant uploads to social media channels.

Art cards

I had some art cards printed and this is a method of funding art projects favoured by a few artists. I haven’t heard of photographers doing it before. Most photographers favour calendars, prints or photo books. I have nearly recovered my printing costs and because I had 2,000 printed I can now make a profit on further sales. People have mentioned it would be good if I could do cards for other towns. Sales, however, depend on some collaboration. The library and the rugby club are selling cards for me.


Developing my photography is also about planning. I’ll try to improve my flash photography first but I am already thinking of landscapes and cityscapes that I might shoot next spring when the days will be longer and I’ll have more light. My health and mobility are poor so that means more planning too, just to reach the locations.

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