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Developing your photography #photography

I experiment a lot with my photography and take an artistic approach. I’m not just taking snaps I want to create artistic pictures that can be displayed and bring some pleasure for years to come. Some photographers have rules that help them compose good shots. I tend to experiment much more with my shots and so have much more rejected. As you are developing your style you will see what works and what doesn’t work. In developing your landscape photography try the 1/3 rule that says 1/3 of the frame should be land or sky.


I took this landscape of the River Tame in Sandwell Valley on Sunday. The shot has depth as the river goes away from us and that is added to with the bridleway going away into the distance too. The people give it a sense of scale as the eye compares their size with that of the trees.


I’ve used the tree in the foreground to give this shot a lot of depth and again the people give us a sense of scale. While you are developing your photograph look for things you can include in the foreground of your shot to add depth.


Try taking some shots through a window or door and include them in your shot. In this shot, I have photographed the horses through the gate, which is the actual subject. The horses just add interest.  There is a bridge in the background too but that isn’t as clear as I had hoped.


Developing your style

As you’re developing your style, you will see some things that are simply interesting and you can shoot them with a wider aperture and just capture something of interest. It is unusual to use a wide aperture when you’re out shooting landscapes but you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. The wider aperture shots work better when it’s cold too. Most of these shots look a little misty despite the light being quite good.

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