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Community photography

Developing a photography project #photography

I constantly develop as a community photographer. I take photographs at events as part of my role as a public relations officer doing publicity.  I also do landscape photography, food photography and portrait photography. I not only try to develop the photography skills but the social skills to deal with people and I’m also trying to develop as an artist. I have two art projects at the moment. One is for a competition and is loosely on the subject of spring flowers and the other project is photographing people. I’m photographing people with a wide open aperture and a long zoom lens. That project needs a lot more thought and work. Yesterday, I was out taking photographs to publicise an event and a local company on social media.

Publicity project

Easter project

This was an Easter fun day and market and so the photography was a project in itself. I wasn’t only taking pictures but trying to publicise the event and send out a message that we need regular events. We have a town square and that is the ideal place to stage them. At an event like this I look for bright colours especially on  a dark dull day like yesterday. I used an ISO of 800 and a wide aperture to get nice bright pictures.



This project needed to show the market and people as well as the fun day side of the event. This shot is colourful and shows a few stalls on the market. Our usual market is grey and dull with its rusting stalls and so we can learn a few lessons from this attractive market.


Trade Centre UK

My second project of the day was to go to Trade Centre UK and photograph their new dealership in Wednesbury. I want to change my car too so I checked out what they had. This shot was more difficult than it looks. I had a lot of light but it was a mixture of fluorescent and natural light. Setting my white balance on fluorescent gave my shots a blue tinge and so after trying a few different things I let the camera decide and set the white balance to auto.  That turned out to be the best setting.


A message in every picture

There is a subliminal message in every picture. I found this picture amusing because the message appears to say that all their staff drive horrible little red cars! I’m sure they don’t but you see my point.

A psychological project

These photography projects are like psychological projects. I try to consider what messages my pictures will convey. Every pictures contains a subliminal message and so they can be used for subtle advertising. Consumers looks at adverts and instantly reject them but they accept pictures and even admire them on social media. I’m using this type of subliminal advertising to promote business in the proposed Business Improvement District (BID).

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