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Difficult times #ramble

Sunday seems to come around quickly these days. I only wrote one post this week on photography but today I’ll share my thoughts with you as usual. We are in difficult times with a new prime minister and I think the bureaucrats of the European Union have become more stubborn and less sympathetic towards the UK. Over the other side of the pond, their president is childish and often acts like a teenager trying to prove his manhood. He calls people names and looks down on people. We have politicians like that gaining power here too.  We see the abuse of power everywhere.

Difficult times

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect is a phenomenon which has evolved from the Chaos Theory. In metaphorical language, it means that a small change can give rise to a big tidal wave. … He concluded that a simple movement like that of a flapping of a wing by a butterfly gives rise to a tornado somewhere else.

We all feel powerless but we are all like butterflies, we all have some effect on the world we live in. We may not be the beginning of a huge chain reaction but we are a link in the chain that could lead to the end of civilisation as we know it. We need to be more responsible and we need to choose more grown up leaders.

Climate change

Clouds as we all know are produced by the evaporation of water from the sea. The average temperature of the earth has risen and we know that because the polar ice caps are melting. Does a one degree increase in temperature make much difference? Yes, it does! Take something from your freezer and put it in your fridge, it’s not much warmer but your food thaws quite quickly. Have you noticed how the glass in your car traps the heat in summer? Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does the same thing. Photons bounce around your car and get reflected back inside by the glass and carbon dioxide does a similar thing. The average temperature of the world has risen. Now try to explain that to your children and why it is important to plant trees to capture that carbon and you’ll understand by the grown ups of this world  have difficulty explaining it to Donald Trump.

Sun and rain

This sun and rain makes my hedge grow quickly and it make the trees grow quicker too. Not quick enough, of course, but it shows that we can save the world by planting trees and cutting emissions. We don’t have all the answers but we could act like a butterfly and trigger a change, a massive change. We could put a relatively small tax on aviation fuel and use the money raised to pay millions of people to plant trees.

Difficult times

These are difficult times and we often feel powerless but we can add our voice to the voices of reason and support change. We can support renewables, we can be careful about what we do with our waste. We can drive carefully and make our cars last longer. We can reject blatant consumerism. Even making our clothing last longer and being less fashion conscious can help. Why do people go on jet set holidays anyway? I understand some of the destinations they go to are intolerably hot these days. Of course, a fortnight on Brighton beach doesn’t have the same status does it? You can hardly tell all your friends that you went on the train to Brighton for your hols can you? We live in difficult times and image is important to most people.


People are driven by a desire for a higher status these days. I’m not part of the jet set and I don’t even have a block-paved drive. I still seem to find people jealous of the little I do have though.

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