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Community photography

Dinnertime at the pool

dinnertime at the pool


This is the other side of town, where Hyde’s Pool attracts lots of water birds like geese, ducks and coots. People go to feed them usually with bread. If a car stops and someone gets out, the birds think it’s dinnertime and often race each other to the food. The swan will compete with the geese and ducks and a flock of pigeons will descend to eat up any leftovers.

The right food

I was there taking photographs the other day and someone had dumped lots of food but the geese didn’t like it. It looked like popcorn but it could have been pasta. Maybe when it’s been walked on and broken into tiny pieces the birds will find it more appetising. They should be careful what they feed them on. Bread isn’t suitable, they need seeds or maybe raw oats. The birds should be fed the right type of food.

The Daily Post

The daily post on WordPress today was written by Michelle W and is my inspiration today. The subject of today’s Daily Post is Dinnertime in case you haven’t already guessed. I don’t often use the daily post as my inspiration, but I needed something today. It’s Saturday morning and I woke to a cold and damp morning. I looked out the window to see snow on my car and my heating was off. I had a new boiler fitted yesterday and today the work should be finished. I’m not hopeful though, I think there might be a problem that will need the installers back on Monday. In the meantime I have to try to keep as warm as I can!

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