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Disability is just no fun #ramble

It is Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. It must be my age but these weeks seem to fly by. What’s on my mind this week? There is a fun day in the park today that I’m expected to go to.  I’m still struggling with health problems and so taking photos in the park today will be a struggle. I might not manage it at all. We can only try our best.  I am really learning about the problems that people with disability have just lately.




Yes, disability is no fun. I need to get a parking space quite close to where I need to be to take the photos. There are no disabled parking spaces at the park and no special arrangements have been made at this event for the disabled. If I don’t make it, will be missed?

Arts Festival

I will have problems attending the events during the Blast Festival too. I’m not too interested in some events but I’ll try to take photos of the poets performing in Tipton and I would like to shoot some video of music being played in the bandstand. I like a bit of Beethoven! It will be a disappointment that I can’t go to the exhibition in the Kings shopping centre but that is the planner’s fault. When I walk around Wednesbury most of the shoppers are elderly and disabled. The planners don’t plan for us and stores like Poundland, BHS and Debenhams close down because we can’t get to them. The shareholders of Debenhams have just lost the whole of their investment. Will Poundland be next?

Council changes

A new leader will be chosen for Sandwell council this week and new members of the cabinet. Two Wednesbury councillors will lose their cabinet positions. The critics of the council, those social media trolls that accuse the councillors of being corrupt are mostly of a right-wing persuasion. Their criticism has given the party an excuse to replace moderate councillors with newly elected councillors with more radical socialist views. Am I the only one who sees the irony in that?


I’m taking medication today in an attempt to lessen my disablement. I don’t expect it to make a lot of difference. It didn’t help much yesterday when climbing the stairs a couple of times was really difficult but I’ll try to do my best. That’s my standard advice to friends, just do your best.

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