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Discovering art #photography #art

We all have our own ideas of what it is that we like to see. I know people who would never even consider going to an art gallery because they don’t have art that they can identify with. A lot of art in art galleries is elitist. We don’t really want to see portraits of the lords and ladies who think they are our betters. Poor people do actually buy art for their homes but not elitist art. They buy pictures of scenes and they buy pictures of their animals. They also like images from the past. I’m discovering art by finding out what the proletariat like.



I took this picture because the sign is a little bit controversial. Most people actually dislike being part of Sandwell because it symbolises centralisation and bureaucracy. Art needs to provoke a conversation so my process of discovering art should include controversy. If the man in the street acquired a large print of this image he would probably cross out the ‘proud to be part of’ and write his own slogan underneath. That was what some people did with the one for Wednesbury when I put it on Facebook. Some resorting to Photoshop-style apps to edit the image. Now that is art! They used their talents to make a statement.

Discovering Art

Art is subjective so everyone has an opinion. Art is emotional, it stimulates an emotional response. It can be exciting, it can be bland, it can be provocative, it can be beautiful, it can be disgusting and it can be moving enough to make us laugh or make us cry.

Discovering art - monochrome


This is an industrial scene, but I have taken a Victorian editing technique to bring it to your attention. I’ve made an ugly industrial scene almost pretty. Would you pause to look at this image in an art gallery? Would it spark a conversation? Would you buy this picture to adorn the wall of your living room?

Defining art

I suppose I’m not just discovering art, I’m trying to define exactly what art is for the vast majority of people. Instead of saving, look this is art, ain’t it great. I’m saying look at my picture. Do you like it? Just because some rich idiot paid a million quid for a picture, we don’t have to bow down and admire it. If we don’t like it we don’t even pay a quid for a cheap copy. To us, the elitist art is not worth the canvas it’s painted on.

Next time you’re in an art gallery, just appreciate the pictures and if you like them they are art. There is no need to pretend the emperor has a fine suit of clothes.

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