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Distractions in life #ramble

It is Sunday morning again and so I’ll let you into the neural labyrinth and share my thoughts with you, once again. I’m not sure what normal is but things seem to be getting back to normal. The rain is back and it’s cooler. My ankle is nearly back to its normal size after nearly 4 weeks of being swollen with oedema. I’m back as an admin on The History of Wednesbury Facebook page. The reach of the page has dropped but not quite as much as I was expecting. We have nearly 8,000 followers now and a post can now reach about a quarter of them. That is down from about half but we can at least attempt to reach everyone with one post each week. We seem to be past the distractions for a while.



I was asked to take this photograph yesterday and there was a distraction as I started to take the shots. The same things happened last week but I suppose life is full of distractions we just have to adjust and adapt to them. I am quite pleased that I set the camera just right for the shots and took a couple of fast bursts so I could select the shots I wanted. It does at least show I can get decent shots with my camera when I get the settings right and the light is reasonably good. I would have liked a shallower depth of field which I would have probably got with a full frame camera. I might be able to upgrade to full frame next year.

Back to normal

Things aren’t quite back to normal. I had to stop taking one of my many medications to help the oedema to subside and that has made me feel unwell but hopefully this week I can restart that medication and slowly increase the dosage.  Most of my plans now are related to improving my health. I emailed the hospital in a vain attempt to see my specialist before the next scheduled appointment in December. I don’t think they monitor their email address.

So there are still distractions but life isn’t so bad. I am still taking photos of pretty girls and can still practice the dark arts of social media. I also have a picture in the exhibition at the art gallery which I will try to visit this week. I think a slow meander around the supermarket will be my top priority this week; I have to eat. Then I will have time to take a look at a couple of exhibitions and order yet more medications to keep me going.

There are many divisions in the town I live in and I can’t fix that but I can at least try make people more aware of our commonality. We all share the same heritage and culture and most of the problems stem from prejudice and jealousy.

That’s all for this week. If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for links. There are also links on my Facebook page.

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