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DIY and save money #thrifty #frugal

DIY can save you pounds.  Whether it is car maintenance, home decorating, gardening or cooking. DIY (Do It Yourself) is the way to go. You might not be able to do all the maintenance on your car but just checking basic things before it goes in for a service like fluid levels and maybe checking the tyres and wiper blades can save a little.

DIY can save you money

DIY cooking

Cooking is the oldest form of DIY and the instructions for cooking just about anything are online these days. Start with simple things and work your way up to the complicated dishes. Try to copy some of the tricks that the professionals use to make it easier and taste good. Consider shopping where the professionals shop too and use the cooking utensils that the professionals use. I have an air-fryer and it makes cooking chips quick and easy.

DIY home improvements

DIY home improvements can save you money but it will cost you money if you mess it up. Again start off with easy jobs first like learning how to drill holes and do simple repairs. Try to use the tools and materials that the professionals use. Screwfix is a good place to shop for materials and tools. Learning how to do simple jobs like putting a picture on the wall will save you paying someone else.

DIY Gardening

Gardening is a skill that you have to learn too. The same approach to gardening is to look at it like a professional. Think about it and plan what you’re going to do before you start. Again, the tools can be amateur tools or you can go to a place like Screwfix and pay a little more for professional tools that are easier to use and last longer.


One of my main interests is photography and professionals use very expensive DSLR cameras. Those are full frame cameras and I use a DX which is a half frame DSLR and I take a professional approach and so I get much better images. I’m also interested in photography to produce artworks and so I take an interest in what professional artists are doing and constantly learn and improve my skill.

There are lots of other skills you can learn to save you money and some can be very creative like making things while others might be based on science like experimenting.

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