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Do dead flies go to heaven? #ramble

Do dead flies go to heaven? I imagine there are religious people who would object to that question. If your belief system isn’t robust enough to withstand questions then it’s a bit fragile. People tend to believe all sorts of things and their beliefs won’t stand up to scrutiny. Scientific belief, however, can usually hold up to scrutiny. The laws of science have to be proven before they are accepted and there is a distinction between the laws of science and scientific theories. In religion, there is no distinction. So heaven might be full of flies or it might not or heaven might be just a theory and not exist at all.

Do dead flies go to heaven?


As always, I am thinking that I might take some photographs today. The weather isn’t very good, it’s dark and depressing. I will have to try to avoid people and keep my distance from them. Which brings me back to my original question, “Do dead flies go to heaven?” Some people have alternative beliefs about Covid and have been carrying on as normal. They hug their grandchildren and they go to the pub with their mates and they share their contrarian beliefs on social media. Some people have adopted conspiracy theories, as promoted by the Russian state and QAnon. Their theories don’t stand up to scrutiny and they get quite aggressive if questioned on their beliefs. They reject science and endanger the rest of us. Should these people be brought to book by the nation’s law enforcement? Of course, they should. They break the law and they should be fined if they refuse to obey the law. Stealing from supermarkets is unlawful and so is shopping without wearing a mask. Both things are offences and should be treated as such.

Do dead flies go to heaven?

There are no dead flies in heaven because heaven only exists in the minds of the religious. The conspiracy theories about vaccination and alternative beliefs about Covid only exist in the mind of those who deny and defy science. It’s convenient to believe in heaven, it helps us accept death. It is convenient for some people to deny Covid is a threat. It allows them to see their grandchildren and go to the pub. Belief and science have been at odds many times but in a pandemic, sane people follow the science. In darker times, the delusional have been supplied with white coats with long sleeves and nice shiny buckets. We need to be aware of the dangers of these delusions and take action against such people who refuse to conform to the new norm.

I’ve had a fly in my kitchen for a month. I bought a fly spray and chased it with a rolled-up magazine. This week, I despatched it to where all dead flies go…

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