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Do we need to think about consumerism? #life

We are all consumers and as such, we generate a huge amount of waste that gets burnt, recycled or put into landfill. Is it time we took a more responsible approach to consumerism? We have money to spend and some people have too much money. Should we start thinking about sustainability? Perhaps if we bought better quality goods that lasted longer that would help?


Throwaway society

We have become a throwaway society. Can we perhaps have longer warranties on goods and manufacture them to last longer? Could we encourage people to save their money instead of spending all of it? Encouraging people to save with higher interest rates would make people more secure and might even cut crime rates.


Changing fashions are a major reason why people buy new clothes. Could those glossy magazines promote sustainable fashion instead? In fact, do we really need glossy magazines these days? Is now the time for a bigger move to electronic newspapers and magazines? Certainly, technology can help us shift to spending more on digital downloads and streaming and less on actual goods. Consumerism can be changed in favour of experiences and digital products instead of products that use actual materials.


We also need to think about transport and the age of selling cars based on their speed and sporty looks should be coming to an end now. There have been great strides forward in the design of cars to make them more economical and safer but there were mistakes too. The move to diesel was a big mistake. We also need to persuade younger people that walking is good for them! We need to make our streets more walking friendly. We also need to protect our parks and open spaces for walking. Public transport needs to be comfortable and clean too.


Is it time for our consumerism to change? Some people need their cars because of business, their age or disability but do young healthy people really need cars? Could they be persuaded to forego car ownership in favour of saving for a home of their own? Again, higher interest rates and savings incentives would be needed to achieve that.

That’s all for today. I’m writing less now but I’ll be back tomorrow doing my Sunday ramble. What’s on my mind this week?

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