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Dodecagon pounds and polymer notes #thrifty #frugal

Dodecagon pounds

Yes, the old pound coins have been consigned to history and we have shiny new dodecagon shaped pound coins to go with our polymer fivers and tenners. The old fivers have been consigned to history as well but the paper tenners will be around until next spring.  There are still hundreds of millions of pound coins still out there. Imagine how many £20 notes will still be out there when they change those to polymer in 2020. The drug lords with their suitcases full of them will have to get a move on and change them. They could change them to Bitcoin, couldn’t they?

Dodecagon pounds

Shopping around

I’m shopping around for an expensive lens for my camera. How much can I save? Most of the usual suppliers have it on ‘offer’ at £749. The list price is about £999. I did an internet search and there were a lot of lower prices but most of them were for either a used lens or were from an overseas seller. I have imported from Hong Kong in the past but this time I can get a good price in this country by shopping around. The eventual price was £679 including VAT and carriage. That is a £70 saving and I can save on the camera too, but that will have to wait until I have saved even more Dodecagon pounds!

How to pay

I have saved enough money for the lens but I’ll still put it on my credit card and will buy it just after my bill date so I will have nearly 2 months before I actually have to pay for it. The main reason for using my credit card is the added protection on purchases over £100 afforded by the Consumer Credit Act.

Discount supermarkets

I still save on my weekly shopping by shopping around a little. Last week, I shopped at Asda to get those items the discounters don’t stock. Then this week I went to Aldi where the chicken was reduced in price, probably due to the recent scandal. The gluten-free sausages were cheaper too. The frozen chips seem more expensive but still much cheaper than Asda and they cook great in my Air fryer. I’ll go to the local Asian discount supermarket this week, they supply the trade and so I find a few bargains there.  I’ll get a 24 pack of beer for 19.99 which will save me a fiver on the price I was paying.

Introductory offer

I phoned up TalkTalk to get a better deal and ended up with an introductory offer which is 19.99 a month for my broadband. Any calls I make will be full price but I can make my calls on my cell phone now. I often use texts and Facebook chat to communicate anyway. So, in all my calls with GiffGaff will be a fiver and twenty quid for broadband. So all my communications for £25 for the next 2 years. TalkTalk owe me some money so I don’t have to pay anything until 2018.


If you save on the essentials like communications, food, insurance and so on you have more money to spend on the luxuries. My luxury is camera equipment, yours might be a nice holiday. This income is usually referred to are discretionary income, we use it at our discretion. It is important that you use your money as you want and so don’t be unduly persuaded by the advertisers. I like Lynx deodorant but no one is going to persuade me that women will fall at my feet when I wear it!

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