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Does creative thinking need a purpose? #art

I’ve been thinking about creativity and art in general. I want to use my photography more effectively. Art can be like science, it can be for a specific purpose or it can be like blue sky research. You can just create for the sake of seeing what the result might be. Even creative thinking can be like blue sky research going off at tangents until a particular tangent looks like it is leading somewhere. The search for something new can be quite random.

creative thinking

Something different

This image is something different. It was created with a combination of photography and editing. I think a lot about combining words and pictures and I am considering an art card that combines words and pictures into a message. Blue sky thinking can give us new ideas and that can then lead to applied art in the same way that blue sky science can lead to applied science.

creative thinking


I’ve also been experimenting with layouts and this one looks quite pleasing. I do need to work on the technical aspects and take landscape and portrait photos with this layout in mind. 

Applied ar

Where the art has a particular application or is delivering a message then combining words on a picture might deliver the message in a more direct way. The thought process will have to take into account the visual appeal and combine it with a message that will actually get through to the proposed recipient.

Creative thinking

For creative thinking to really work it has to be free from restraint. Blue sky thinking is free and when it begins to lead to something allow yourself to go down a path that leads to applied art and something useful.

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