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Doing your best #photography

I am sometimes asked for my advice and my advice is invariably, do what is right or just do your best. The same can apply to photography, we can take it quite seriously and try for the best photographs that we can take or we can just snap things. Of course, we can get quite good photographs with any camera if we get the composition right but a better camera does produce better results. Doing your best with what you have is the way to go,  unless you have unlimited amounts of money to keep upgrading your equipment.

doing your best


I’m using a Nikon D750 now which is a full frame camera and great in low light. I like setting the white balance, ISO and aperture to get fast shutter speeds and sharp images. It takes a while to learn that stuff but it’s not rocket science. I used a wide aperture to take this picture of a butterfly and when it came to editing I decided to crop it so the subject was at the top left of the image so it didn’t dominate the image and the viewer would appreciate the bokeh on the right side of the image. The butterfly and blackberries really stand out from the background but don’t dominate the image.

Choosing your subject

I took this shot on Black Country day last year and I think it is a good example of choosing your subject and getting a great image. It’s another wide aperture shot which I tend to go for at events. I shoot wide open a lot, even with the D750 with it’s larger sensor. It brings your subject into sharp focus and if you have a reasonable amount of light it will give a fast shutter speed on aperture priority.

Doing your best

Doing your best is about getting good shots and I need to slow down and think about the individual shots more. I have been quite prolific, taking lots of photographs and sharing them on social media. This weekend it was quite poor light and I didn’t take any photographs. I’m thinking more about improving the quality of individual photographs and reducing the quantity!

Event photography

While I am trying to plan a few great shots that might be suitable for art cards, I’ll still photograph events. There are a few events this week so I might drop in and take some pictures because I meet such interesting people!

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