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Donald Trump: a new phenomenon

The world now seems a scarier place with Donald Trump as president of the United States of America. I have to be careful what I say about him, he does have a habit of suing people; not that I would ever libel anyone. Some of the things he says does remind me of the nationalist ideas that Hitler had. There are even similarities between the backgrounds of both men. Trump is a lot smarter than Hitler was and although he might be similarly misguided and even psychopathic, he is not stupid.

Donald Trump

Perceptions and marketing

Donald Trump understands perceptions and marketing. He knows the iPhone isn’t the only smartphone in the world but it is the one everyone wants. Many American companies excel at marketing and branding and I think Trump will market the US of A brand a lot more successfully than his predecessors. He will build an image of strength but I don’t think he’s a warmonger. He has declared war on terrorists but talks warmly about Putin. His rhetoric about China is more about trade than anything else. Donald Trump also understands  the value of land and the infrastructure that goes with it. He will invest in infrastructure, the roads and communication links on which communities rely.

The downside

There is always a downside and it seems Donald Trump will often speak before he has thought through an issue. He relies on a certain ideology that seems quite right-wing. It is a ‘America First’ ideology and he isn’t pragmatic enough and he certainly isn’t a diplomat. He has to be more statesman-like to foster good relations with other world leaders and gain their respect. I think he might just learn that as he goes along with a little help from a gaggle of White House advisors.

Donald Trump: super-rich

It seems that the world will watch and wait nervously but if he even looks like delivering a stronger world economy then he will gain support. That support will come from right-wing orientated groups that are mainly made up of people just like him; the super rich. We are probably about to see a new world era that will see the rich get richer and in the short-term the poor get poorer. We will just have to hope the newly created wealth does trickle down a little. Donald Trump is super-rich, he will benefit people like himself.

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