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Dont just think about it; just do it! #ramble #ideas

It’s early on Sunday morning and so I’m allowing you once again into the darkest corners of my mind and sharing my thoughts with you.  If you want to do something, don’t just think about it – just do it! That isn’t a bad philosophy to have, is it? I wanted to be a writer and so I started blogging. I wanted to be a photographer and so I bought a camera! Now I fancy being an artist. This is my first art card –

Art - just do it

I can probably do a better one. Looking at it again, I think I can definitively do a better one. I did just do it, though, didn’t I? I at least made a start! I’ll take another photo in better light and see if I can manipulate it better. The text at the bottom could be better. I made a start, that is the important thing. I didn’t just think about it.

New car

You can’t just do it when it comes to buying a new car but yes I did it; I changed my car. OK, it’s not new but at 2 years old it’s as new as I’ll ever get. It is quite weird to drive. It feels like driving a bus but I suppose I’ll get used to it. I am adjusting to the fact that it is smaller than my old one. It doesn’t have as much power either. I have to change down when I’m doing up hills but it does seem very economical. There is a display that tells me how far I can get on the fuel in the tank. It is currently 196 miles. I don’t think that is accurate so I’ll put some more fuel in it. I think it will be more reliable so I’m going for a drive today and take some photos!


It’s all tech these days isn’t it? I can play the MP3s on my phone through my car stereo. I haven’t figured out all the controls on the car yet. There are new things like cruise control. I probably won’t need it. I need help with traffic and congestion.

General election

You really want to hear my thoughts on the General Election don’t you? Yes, we’re sick of it already! I think the Tories will win by a mile. When it comes to some things, just do it, but others need long careful planning. Jeremy Corbyn thinks he has a chance of being Prime Minister and so all his policies are being changed and watered down to satisfy a dominant middle class and his own Parliamentary Party. Too late Jezza, way too late…

Just do it

I think I’ll finish with some more pictures. Why? I don’t know what else to write my mind has gone blank. I’ll put some recent pictures on because sometimes you have to; just do it! If you would like to follow this blog and read about more of my ideas just do it, enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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