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Don’t worry: Be happy

Are people who take a laid back, less serious approach to life any happier? It has been said that people who are depressed are more realistic and more in touch with reality. Do we have to lose touch with reality a little to be happy? Do we have to fool ourselves that everything in the garden is lovely and think positive?

There are always more than one way of looking at life and the things around us. The glass can be half full to the optimist or half empty to the pessimist. Should we all try to be optimistic and cheerful? How does our environment affect us? If we are in a tense unhappy atmosphere, it does seem to rub off on us…

Taking responsibility

Do we have a responsibility to others? Can we be positive for their sake rather than our own? Something along the lines of “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all”? Perhaps, we do have a responsibility not to start rumours or denigrate things. A little criticism is often warranted, but if we find ourselves as the constant purveyors of ‘doom  and gloom’, perhaps we do have a responsibility to be more positive. Do we have a responsibility for the state of mind of the people around us?

Social animals

Humans are social animals and we do like to help one another. We impose rules of behaviour upon ourselves and have rules that govern communication. Politeness and good manners are desirable and seen as positive attributes. Should we worry about such things?


People who worry a lot do so out of a sense of responsibility, but people who worry excessively do so out of fear. The fear is usually a result of bad experiences that they don’t want to reoccur. So worry is quite normal, but excessive worry can make us unwell. How can we cope with excessive worry? If we have money worries, we can take control and save money for that rainy day that we are worried could reoccur. In fact, whatever we are worried about, the answer is probably to take control. Worried about losing your job? Do something about it and take more control of it. Perhaps improve your relationships with your superiors and colleagues or become more indispensable.


Coping with most things in life is about balance.  We can be too laid back and irresponsible or we can be too responsible and worry about every detail. We can be spendthrifts or we can be misers. We can be extrovert or introvert; but finding a happy medium in between often leads to a balance of emotions. The balance of the mind is maintained and we can move easily to become more adventurous, more relaxed, more irresponsible or we can move in the other direction and become more cautious, more responsible and value our comfort zone. From a position of balance we can adjust to life’s inconsistencies and changes.

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