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Dreading a white Christmas? #ramble

So it is Sunday morning again, it soon rolls around. What’s on my mind this week? In a word… Snow! Yes, it is snowing and getting quite deep. I think there must be four inches of snow on the top of my car and it’s still coming down. The problem is, it will probably freeze hard tonight and then clearing paths and clearing my car will be so much harder. When it stops for a while I’ll wrap up and try to clear some of it away. I think we might have a white Christmas…

SNOW AT NIGHT - white Christmas?

Snow on snow

This was the scene last night and that snow will have frozen with the overnight sub-zero temperatures. We now have snow on snow to deal with and that will make driving treacherous. I think for today everything will come to a standstill.

Business improvement

I was doing social media management for the proposed BID (Business Improvement District) which seems to be delayed by an objection. We can’t keep waiting around and so I went out and photographed a couple of businesses this week and publicised them on Facebook. It sparked new interest in the initiative and I’m getting some new ideas how I can promote the BID. I also bought Christmas present in one of the shops. That could turn out to be a really good decision if the snow continues to fall.

Dreading a white Christmas?

Yes, some people will be dreaming of a white Christmas while others will be dreading a white Christmas. If the snow continues to fall then it could snow from now until Christmas making life very difficult. Events will be cancelled and people will have difficulty doing their shopping. The snow could affect local businesses too.

Social media

This week, I’ve been trying to improve all the social media pages that I manage with A Zillion Ideas on Facebook growing by over 1%. I’ve started curating old photos again and that will add some interest to the page. Many people follow my finance posts and are interested in investments and financial ideas. I have been doing quite well recently with some of my investments and feel optimistic for the future.


Life can be as unpredictable as the weather but we have to set goals, we have to have direction in our lives. I have a rough idea where I want to go but I don’t really have a plan so I’ll just keep going in the right direction and hope to get there eventually. I know I need to develop my ideas in art, design and photography and it will be very useful if I can make wise investment decisions so I have the money for a new camera.

Full frame

Yes, I am planning on upgrading to a full frame camera. I plan to leave my amateur status behind and take photos like a professional. That will be a very expensive option but I have worked out how I’ll fund it. The larger sensor will allow me to take shots in low light and get the shutter speeds that I need for really sharp images without the need for a flash.

Anyway, I suppose I should go out and at least try to clear some snow. Dreading a white Christmas? Me? Not yet, but I’m thinking about it.

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