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Dreaming of a lottery win? #life

I don’t usually do things on a whim, I tend to plan but I bought a lottery ticket for the Wednesday draw this week. No, I didn’t win, but I got two numbers and so a free lucky dip for tonight’s draw. My odds of winning tonight have halved, I have 2 tickets, but the odds are still over 20M to one.

My outlook on life has changed the past few years and I now know that if the people around me are happy then I’m happier. If I do manage to beat those twenty million to one odds and win the jackpot I will try to do something for people in my community rather than buy a mansion in the English countryside and forget my values.

I have become aware, in the past few years, of people power. If people all band together they can raise money for charity, start a new art movement or change a community for the better. It helps if they have some finance, of course. We don’t get much of that in the Black Country. The money tends to go down south and to London, we’re the poor relations. A lottery win could change that.

A Zillion ideas now has a Facebook page. You can check out my photographs, tips and even music on my Facebook page. I’ve been working on that this week, trying to come up with even more ideas. Imagine what a lottery win could do for that! A Zillion Ideas would be transformed! I could open my own art gallery! In the meantime, I’ll try to use my ideas to grow the Facebook page.

One thing is for sure, a large lottery win wouldn’t change me much. I’m  not even sure I would buy a new car. I like my car, I’m used to it. I like familiar things. I think I would even live in the same place. I admit I hate the traffic congestion and would like open roads where I could just drive. No matter how much money we have it doesn’t solve all our problems does it? Millionaires still have nightmares.

I suppose many people who have won the lottery, buy a mansion and create their own little world. Are they happy? I doubt it, their mansion could turn into a prison if they can’t go out and meet people. I don’t want people to dislike me or envy me, I get enough of that now! So I suppose I would use the money to help people, not because I want to win a popularity contest but because if they’re happier then I’m happier. Other people are like the mirror to our souls.

How about you? Did you buy a lottery ticket? Please comment and tell me about what you would do with the money!

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