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Dreaming of a lottery win? #money


The lottery jackpot for the UK lottery is a cool 50 million pounds tonight. What would you do with that sort of money? I can think of a few things…

I would certainly use 50 million to improve the community I live in and support good causes. You don’t want to hear about that, though, do you?

Nice motor

I could have one of these for about £15,000. It would be nice to take to the classic car shows. I think the old one look much nicer than the new ones. They are a bit heavy on the petrol, though, but it’s a nicer motor…

An Englishman’s home?

I like classic cars and classic buildings, so I might buy a holiday home in the English countryside. I’m not too sure about a castle, though, maybe something less ambitious?

A country cottage?

A little cottage in the country might be more practical. I could rent it out and make a few bob…

A new computer

I would be able to have one hell of a computer built. I could have my own server and a super-duper website. Yes, I would still have a website, well you would still want to know what I was getting up to. Wouldn’t you?

Dreaming of winning the lottery?

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