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What drives us to spend so much money? #thrifty

I am an admin of our history page on Facebook and so I know we can learn from the past. Gas and electricity have given us all our modern gadgets, but before the development of gas, people had to cook on open fires. That was something of a chore and even today cooking on a modern gas cooker seems like a chore to many people. So we have seen a proliferation of takeaways and fast food joints spreading across the UK this century. We don’t just have fish and chips on Fridays, fast food and eating out has become the norm for many people. Delicious foods zap our reward centres and it is our reward centres that drive us to do most things. We are addicted to pleasure! The smooth delicious taste of chocolate drives us to eat more than one bite and we end up eating the whole bar.

Thirst drives us to spend money


If we understand the psychology of what drives us to do things and drives us to spend money in particular then we can save money. That desire to reward ourselves via our taste buds can be achieved without spending quite so much money. When people had to cook on open fires they would endure quite boring food all week and eat the same thing day after day. The Friday treat would be fish and chips and there were often treats on Sunday. We can use the same philosophy to save money. I like eggs and chips and so I used to buy chips and cook my own eggs. Now I have an air fryer, I cook the chips and in the 10 minutes they are cooking fry a couple of eggs and cook a portion of peas. It’s a very frugal meal on a Friday and I suppose it leaves me more money to enjoy the weekend.


Britain is still a nation divided by class and status is still important and those symbols of status too. The government encourages people to aspire to a higher economic status but we can ignore the pressures that drive us to seek a higher status. We can consider what is important in life. Is money that important that we sacrifice our family values in the pursuit of more than we actually need? We have to recognise that titles do tend to be important. If we have a choice, it is better to be known as an artist than a labourer, unless of course, the job in hand requires the skills of a labourer. We should value the work that everyone does especially if they do it well. The hospital cleaner who keeps the theatres spotless prevents more infection than the highly qualified surgeon.

Designer clothes

We are driven to buy things like designer clothes to give an appearance of respectability or higher status. Sometimes, all we need to do is fit in. We can buy casual clothes for leisure pursuits and work clothes for work. Do we really need a designer label and the extra expense that entails? There is a case for designer labels when the label symbolises quality and we should recognise that but frequently the label doesn’t symbolise quality it symbolises fashion or status. My friend bought an iPhone because it inferred status. I bought one with better technical specifications like more memory and it was cheaper. I also got it £100 cheaper than it was listed on Amazon by shopping around. The desire for status drives us to spend more.

Thirst drives us to spend money!

I hope today’s ideas help you think before you spend and save you some money. I’m will be going to spring events in the coming weeks to take photos. I must remember to take a drink with me, it saves buying one… Thirst drives us to spend money too!

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