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HYDES POOL Wednesbury uk

If you really get into photography, you will want a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. These are favoured by most professional photographers, but for snaps, a cheap camera or a phone will still get you a reasonable picture.

Nikon D3200

I can change the lens on my Nikon D3200 and try to get really good pictures.The different lenses are suitable for capturing different images. I had a new 35 mm prime lens to test on Sunday. A prime lens doesn’t zoom, but it is good quality and will go to a wider aperture than my other lenses. This picture of a goose isn’t great but look at the detail in poor light. Not only is the goose’s colouring sharp, but the ground and the bark on the trees too.


18 – 105mm lens

This shot is with my 18 – 105 mm lenses, it’s still quite sharp  but not quite as sharp as the 35 mm lens. It wasn’t a good day to test that lens. The main advantage of the 35mm prime lens will be to use the wide aperture for close up shots and maybe portraits, but it will be useful for landscapes too.


Hyde’s  Pool

When this swan decided to try to fly there was no time to change camera settings, so I took a few shots. This was Hyde’s Pool in Wednesbury and someone had brought the birds food.


Zoom lens

The 18 – 105 mm zoom lens is more versatile for most shots allowing me to zoom in and zoom out for a landscape like this one. Notice the depth and perspective in this shot as the trees go away from us and the road adds perspective too.


The lady walking her dog and the building in the distance give this shot more perspective.

Street photography?

You might wonder why we bother with all these different lenses when a bridge camera has a great zoom and a good image. It is mainly down to quality. My camera has a half frame sensor and much better processing than a bridge camera. I have four lenses now. The 18 – 55mm kit lens that I don’t use any more. The 18 – 105 mm lens that I use all the time and a 55 – 300mm lens that gives me a good zoom and is useful for wildlife and photographing the pantomime from the balcony. Then there is the new 35 mm lens that I am just beginning to experiment with. I think the 35 mm lens will be good for some landscapes and also for street photography. I shall experiment!

A DSLR is great if you want sharp images and although they look complicated to use, my Nikon is actually easier to use than a bridge camera. I can change all the shooting settings quite easily and changing aperture between shots only takes a second. Knowing the aperture to use is the tricky bit and you need experience for that.

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